Who We Are

Animal Travelers is an established and proven global provider of simple and customized transportation and consulting services.

Through our full-service offerings, we help clients across the globe transport their products with care, precision and speed. Our quality services are supported by leading industry magazines naming us one of world’s “Most Reliable Growing Logistics Companies in 2010.” However, through our growth, we have maintained our small business values and principles, providing our clients with highly personalized, quality service – such as guaranteeing that our clients can speak to a live person throughout the entire shipping cycle.

In addition, we provide value-added benefits, such as insurance review and online tracking services, to help simplify the process for our clients and tailor to their needs. This simplification optimizes our clients’ overall performance by freeing up their time to focus on running their business. Along with this quality service, we provide unusually reasonable rates in this competitive shipping industry.


Road Freight

For Cargo Delivery Agency, shipping by land is complementary to long-distance shipping by air and water. Shipping by land allows us to give full service at a minimum cost with maximum results. We do drop-offs and pick-ups in the most important cities of the world and, at a local level, we also count on a 24/48 hour national distribution service.

Air Freight

Air freight Transport is the best option for transporting a wide range of merchandise to any airport in the world in a speedy and secure manner. Cargo Delivery Agency provides an efficient and reliable service for both small and large cargo, and deals with importation and exportation. It counts on a strong network of trustworthy agents and preferencial agreements with tha main aerial company that operate on a worldwide basis.

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